About The Author


Sabrina grew up & lives in Switzerland. Since childhood, she was interested in Anime & Manga, which also led her to find interest in drawing her own Manga Illustrations. The more she got into Animes, which can show a lot of Japan and it’s culture, the more she loved the country. By the age of 18, Sabrina travelled to Japan for the first time of her life, all by herself. She researched all the places she wanted to visit during this 2-weeks-trip beforehand.

2 Years later, after finishing the Apprenticeship in Business, Freight Forwarding, she booked her Language Exchange for a 8 Months trip to Tokyo. Ever since coming back, Sabrina is planning on working in Japan in the near Future.

“I hope you will enjoy my Journey and Storys that are all about Japan, Anime & Manga!

-Sabrina M.